Welcome to Crosstimbers Christian Fellowship

Welcome to the internet home of Crosstimbers Christian Fellowship. We are dedicated to people from all walks of life and we would love to meet you. Our services are casual and contemporary, with Christ-centered and relevant messages from God’s Word, the Bible.

Our mission or purpose is to reach people for Christ and to cooperate with God in changing their lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. Briefly stated, we want to be Reaching people and Changing lives. All our ministries, teaching, and activities are geared toward achieving this purpose, which we believe is God’s purpose for his church.

Sometimes people wonder, “Why the church? Isn’t believing in God good enough?” Perhaps these people have been burned on the church for one reason or another, or they just don’t get the purpose or importance of the church. In the Bible, the church is presented as the Body and Bride of Christ and the Household or Family of God. All the books of the New Testament are written to the church. The church is called the “New Jerusalem” that will one day be with God in heaven. The church is the visible presence of God on the earth—the hands and feet of God, so to speak. God adds all new believers to his church. Obviously, the church is very important to God.

However, because imperfect people make up the church, the church will always be less than perfect this side of heaven. But that is the beauty of the church. God is glorified in his church, not us. And by working together to accomplish God’s mission, we are changed and transformed more and more into what God calls us to be. So, the church is not composed of perfect people, but growing people; it is the Fellowship of the Spirit where a perfect God takes imperfect people and makes them more like him! It doesn’t get any better than that!

We hope and pray that you will come and experience what it means to be part of God’s family. Just come, visit our assemblies and observe for a while. We invite you to participate as much as you are able or comfortable. But also, be ready for a change. God wants to do something truly amazing in your life!



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