Keirungi Children’s Village

Crosstimbers is the sending church for Shawn and Primrose Cox and their  son, Samuel, as they work with Bread of Life African Ministries (BOLAM) to  provide homes for orphaned and abandoned children.

Shawn, Primrose and Samuel Cox

The Need

Africa’s children are crying out for help.   There are an estimated 50 million orphans in Africa with about 15 million being   AIDS orphans. Uganda alone has 2.5 million orphans, about half caused by their   parents dying from AIDS. Moreover, children are simply abandoned at hospitals   or in other places by parents who cannot care for them. While the need is   overwhelming, we can make a difference.

One of the local   village children that will likely be assisted looks on while the Coxes survey   the land and discuss plans for the children’s village. Within minutes after coming to the site, the Coxes were   surrounded by about six children. They were curious about the visit,   especially seeing a “mzungu” (white person). After talking with the children,   the Coxes learned that several of them are orphans. All of them were bare foot   and some only had what amounted to rags as clothes. By assisting Bread of Life   African Ministries, you can help alleviate the suffering of children in Uganda.


Construction of first duplex at Keirungi   Village completed

Construction on the   first duplex at Keirungi Children’s Village has been completed. The duplex   consists of two individual homes that will accommodate ten children   each.

Keirungi Children’s Village Welcomes First Child —   Joseph

Joseph is about 10 mos. old and is exploring his new home.

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