Becoming A Member

At Crosstimbers we welcome anyone to attend worship services and other activities of the church as long as they like in order to get to know us.

For those wanting to take it to the next level of participating in a ministry, teaching, leadership, or the like, we ask that they engage in one of our Membership classes. This class digs into Scripture to understand God’s purposes for his church, the structure of the church, what church membership means, how to become a member of the church and, more specifically, expectations for members in a local congregation like Crosstimbers.

We do ask all new members at Crosstimbers to take this very important class, even if they are long-standing Christians that have been members in other congregations. Taking this class helps promote unity in our beliefs and purposes that in turn produces spiritual and numerical growth in the church.

If you wish to explore church membership further, talk to one of our elder/pastors or simply register to attend the next Membership class. This class is offered several times each year.

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